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Asos Longline: Shortcut to the Good Stuff

Asos Longline is a great line of clothing for tall people. Longline gives you longer torsos – Super Longline gives you Bieber length torsos. This is a quick guide on how to get to the good stuff quickly on

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1. Go to and look for Oversized & Longline


Asos Oversized & Longline

In the top menu on Asos, you go to Oversized & Longline. It’s located where I’ve put a red arrow in the above picture. Going here will let you browse the full range of Longline clothing, Super Longline clothing and Oversized clothing.

2. Filter for size, colour and price rangeAsos Longline Filter

To narrow down the huge selection of Longline, Super Longline and Oversized, I quickly filter all the lovely clothes by size, colour and price range. This gives a smaller and browsable selection of clothes that fit your need a bit better than the full catalog of Longline stuff.

For my body, going with XL and XXL is the right thing – it’s primarily a matter of shoulder width and belly size. I’m tall and slim with broad shoulders, and XL is normally a good option for these dimensions.

Colour-wise, I aim for neutral stuff to fit with the rest of the wardrobe, so black, white and grey are great options for that.

Also black makes you look a bit less dominant, and some tall guys and girls like that. As we always stick out anyways, it’s nice to be able to dial down the attention a bit by dressing in neutral colors like black and grey.

If you are a more colourful person, then go for it – I’ve just come to love the neutral safer choice.


3. Save Longline items for a later closer assessment

It’s a really great feature on to be able to Save items for later assessment and comparison. In this way, you don’t have to think too much about whether you like something or not – throw it in the Saved basket and give it an extra look later.

Hover over each item to have the option to Save stuff shown.

Asos Longline Save

After saving a few items, you find the Saved items link in the top right menu – look at the picture below where I’ve marked the location of the menu with an orange arrow.

Asos Longline Saved Items

4. Compare and select your favorite Longline clothing

In the Saved Items menu, you can take a closer look at the Longline clothing you’ve selected and view more pictures of your favorited things. Also, you get to compare different styles more easily and drag n drop your choices around to prioritize them all.

Asos Longline Saved Items Closer Look


Asos Longline vs. Asos SuperLongline

There is definitely a difference between the two: Longline has the ‘right’ torso length for you, whereas Super Longline is seriously extended in torso length. So if you just want a fitting tall tee, then go for Longline. If you want to go for the Bieber-look with layered apparel and super long tees, then Super Longline is for you. Just know the difference.

Asos Longline Asos Superlongline

Quickest way: Just search

Asos has a great search engine, where you get a pretty good result from just searching for Super Longline, or whatever you want to find. You might not get the whole selection, maybe you do – I just feel more comfortable with narrowing things down by filtering. But it is a quicker way just to search.

Asos Super Longline Search

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  • Marko
    April 12, 2019

    Hi there, we are same height 204cm ? i am looking to buy some shirts, trousers and suit jackets from ASOS, but I am not sure will it fit to me btw I am a slimer type of guy. So my question is what do you think which size I must choose and what about sleeve length is it good for our height ?

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