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American Tall visited me in Copenhagen

American Tall came all the way from Toronto, Canada – Jake as representative – the son of the founder of American Tall.


American Tall Banner

He travelled to Europe to interview people from the tall community – including me as a tall blogger. Jake stayed here in Copenhagen for 3 days, before he left and went home to edit a whole lot of video.

 During my time with Jake, we did an interview, where he asked me about Tallsome, how it is like to live here in Copenhagen being 6’8” and a lot of other stuff that you can look forward to seeing on their blog, when the video editing is done. 

IT IS DONE, and you can check it out right here:

Here’s some of their other videos – they have a great Youtube Channel, so make sure to check that out as well:

Jake is a super nice guy and we had a lot of fun shooting the interview as well as all the other stuff, we did and saw in Copenhagen. Before Copenhagen, Jake had been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam to visit two other guys, who are even taller than me.


Jake and tall Giantific
Jake and tall Sebastian

Jake from American Tall did a small eurotrip to get to know us and to make some great video content that American Tall can use on their website and social media channels.

Inspired by the campaign Live in Levi’s, we talked less about

“how the weather is up here” and “if I played basketball or not” – and focused more on daily life, the magnificent city of Copenhagen, which Jake luckily got to see in warm sunlight, and on how Tallsome started and became what it is today.

Really excited to see the video that Jake is going to produce and I will make sure to share it in here and on the different social medias when it is ready.

American Tall on Instagram

It really is hard to know what to expect from this video, because there is so much footage – including a little bit of motor bike riding and guitar playing – here’s an old clip  :)

Jake brought me some presents from American Tall, even though we’re not even near my birthday in November. But I really wanted to try American Tall’s new pieces, so Jake brought me 2 shirts and 1 pair of jeans.

The shirts are tuck-in, made from nice and thin fabrics and with great attention to detail.

Oskar Dress ShirtThe Oskar Dress Shirt in Cobalt Diamond Dobby

Aurunci Dress ShirtDirect from Italy, these shirts have been specifically designed for slim and tall men looking for a trim, tailored fit. Made with lustrous, Italian fabrics with a touch of spandex woven in, these shirts drape beautifully and stretch in just the right places. The Aurunci incorporates bespoke features like a split back yoke, inside collar and cuff signature blue ribbon detailing, edge-bound placket, slightly deeper cuff and taped gussets and darts in the back for a cleaner, streamlined silhouette.

 J1 Dark Rinse Jeans

American Tall Lookbook

Especially the Italian made shirt oozes quality with silk linings, quality fabrics and a great overall feel. The jeans that I got is 36” waist and 38” inseam, and they turned out to fit me perfectly.

We didn’t get to shoot any photos of me wearing the clothes, but you can get an idea of the style and fit from pictures on the website.

American Tall Shirts

My personal style is a bit more Scandinavian (read black and super-slim fit), but I’m sure that the response in Canada, USA and other countries around the World is going to be great.

They actually just launched so if you have five minutes, I can really recommend to go to their website and check out the different styles.

Blazers for tall guys

Another really cool thing about American tall is that they are making blazers for tall guys. Blazers are something that is really hard to find – I had to go to London and buy mine in High & Mighty.

High & Mighty is as you might know a Big & Tall brand, so my blazer is very wide and not very fitted. So there is definitely room for more players to make nice blazers for tall and slim guys.

They call these jackets ‘day to night’ because it is a blazer that you can wear casually or at more formal occasions.

blazer for tall guys

Like all tall brands with respect for themselves, American Tall also has the classic tall tees in black and white. If you are a fan of V-neck T-shirts then here is something for you.

A crew neck variation with long sleeves is also available and I think it looks really good.

The denim jeans are available in two different styles. One is a normal colored one and the other one is with faded legs. You can get the denim jeans in up to 38 inches inseam and down to 34 inches inseam.

Kind of a funny thing – they also offer black boxers with an American Tall band.

Not because it is particularly hard for tall people to find boxers, but the availability of a full line is something that Americans Tall is aiming at providing.

Future of American Tall

In the future American Tall will make many more pieces, styles and parts for us tall people. And feel free to come with feedback and inputs ( if you have something to suggest them. I myself suggested winter jackets, because I think it is one of the hardest things to find out there.

If you want to try something from the web shop, there is a really good offer right now.If you sign up for the newsletter you get a $20 coupon. Also Americans Tall offers free shipping in North America and a flat fee of $20 dollars to Europe.

Looking very much forward to following American Tall on the journey to becoming a full service tall brand with many styles and pieces for us tall people. It’s great to see the enthusiasm behind the family owned company and to get to know the people behind the brand.

Be sure to checkout the web shop – and their blog We The Tall, where the Tallsome video lands before long :)


Do you know American Tall? How is your experience with their tall clothing? I would love to hear from you in the comments ⬇️


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