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Is American Tall Legit?

American Tall is a professionally run company that specializes in tall clothing for men and women. It’s founded by father and son, Saul and Jake Rajsky, who run the company from Toronto, Canada.

On the tallfashionadvice sub-Reddit, tall guys are raving over American Tall’s ability to design clothes for tall men at 6’3″ – 7’1″. Especially jeans, t-shirts, and sweatpants are highlighted.

Now, American Tall has moved into tall women’s clothing, where they look to provide a similar clothing range to women at 5’9″ – 6’6″.

According to the business review site Knoji, American Tall scores very well among other e-commerce sites selling clothing—with an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5.

The score is based on customer ratings, brand recognition, price point, and features offered, like PayPal payment, refunds, and active coupons.

If you’d like to save 10% on the entire range of American Tall, you can use TALLSOME10 at checkout.

Who owns American Tall?

American Tall is founded by father and son, Saul Rajsky and Jake Rajsky in March 2016. Saul owns the majority but shares the co-founder title with his son, Jake, who’s running much of the commercial side of the business.

Jake and Saul Rajsky
Jake and Saul are the gentlemen to the right.

The company has funded its own growth and has taken little to no external funding to become what it is today.

As a niche-focused e-commerce site, American Tall started with a few styles but has expanded extensively into a wide range of tall men’s clothing.

Recently, the company introduced clothes for tall women as well and is planning to expand on that side of the business.

At this point, the men’s range accounts for the majority of the company’s revenue, with the women’s apparel only accounting for about 13% of the business.

But the women’s line is growing, as is the demand for American Tall for women, so the split might be very different at the time you read this.

Why does American Tall exist?

American Tall serves the 1% of tall people, who operate above the crowd. The founders came from jobs at big industry players, who refused to extend their ranges to tall men and women.

“It’s not a viable market”, they said. American Tall set out to prove them wrong. Starting with just a small selection of “elevated basics” as they put it, and growing into more diverse designs and sizes.

American Tall exists to serve that small group of people who need clothes that fit. Just like any other demographic. And they were right; they quickly become of the most beloved tall men’s clothing brands out there.

Seeing how much demand and love they’ve felt going into tall men’s clothing, they are now expanding into tall women’s clothing as well.

Serving the 1% in a great way is always viable. Even though we, the tall, are not that many, we still account for a large group of people worldwide.

American Tall offers international shipping, so there are no constraints to order your tall clothing from anywhere around the world.

American Tall exists for you if you are above 6’3″ as a man and 5’9″ as a woman.

Why is American Tall more expensive?

When you cater to a small niche of the total market, you produce smaller quantities, which drives up the cost of production. Therefore, American Tall has to sell their clothes at a higher price.

Another aspect is the extra fabric needed for tall men’s’ and tall women’s clothing. More fabric means higher costs of production, and this needs to be covered by the end-consumer.

As American Tall grows, they will be able to do larger production runs. Ordering larger quantities from their production facilities means that the price per piece of clothing goes down.

So, expect to see lower and lower prices from American Tall as the company grows.

A way to save money on your purchases from American Tall is to make use of their coupon codes.

They run a number of sales based on the time of year, like winter sales, back to school sales, stay at home sales, etc. Each sale has a time-limited coupon code attached to it.

If you want to save 10% on their entire range, any time of year, use TALLSOME10 at checkout.

This discount is not time-limited or only working for a specific subset of their clothing range, but can be used anytime on anything.

What are American Tall best at?

Based on forums and reviews, American Tall excels at sweatpants for tall men, shirts for tall men, and jeans for tall men. In the women’s category, their joggers are very popular.

Tall guys praise their jeans and pants, as they have longer inseams (36″, 38″ and 40″ inseam), which are the sizes you cannot get in walk-in stores.

Their shirts and t-shirts are being praised for their fit, which isn’t baggy or boxy but fitted for tall, slim guys.

Another popular mention is their tall hoodies and sweaters, which come in both Tall and Extra Tall.

American Tall are the very best at what they call “elevated basics”. This means the basic apparel you use every day. T-shirts, shirts, jeans, and pants in toned-down colors and designs that look great together.

The more daring designs are for Asos Tall to create. Their resources allow them to take more chances in terms of daring designs, but I’m sure we’ll see more like this from AT in the future.

Critique of American Tall clothing

Some customers don’t like the fit of American Tall. Others complain about the high price point and the quality of the fabrics.


Fit is a very individual thing, and no mass-produced clothing line will fit anyone.

American Tall makes an effort to help you choose the right size by taking pictures of their models wearing the clothes and highlighting their worn sizes.

This gives a customer of e.g. 6’8″ and 230 lbs a better idea of how something will fit, as one sees a model who is the same height and weight wearing it.

Price point

American Tall’s prices are slightly higher than industry-standards, which comes down to their smaller production runs.

As mentioned earlier, they will be able to get better production costs as they grow bigger and are able to produce larger quantities at a time.

Also, the extra use of fabric for longer sleeves, jeans, and everything else tall-sized means that their costs of production are higher.

This will eventually affect the price paid by us as consumers. Although, to get a niche-product that fits you for the first time in your adult life is priceless.


Some guys mention thin fabrics that feel like they are made of low-quality staples.

American Tall is not the tall brand that I know of that is the most focused on textile standards, sustainability, and fabric-qualities.

If you are going for the very highest quality, I’d recommend tall brands like Navas Lab, Medium Tall (coupon: TALLSOME), and Son of a Tailor.

However, American Tall produces clothes of a decent quality that has lasted long in my case and that feels up to standard with the bigger brands, you know of.


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The American Tall Story

3 Responses
  • rita steinkamp
    December 4, 2021

    You would be so much more successful if you had a live customer service dept.
    I have a credit there which I’d like to include in a new order but do not know the exact amount and how to apply.Need a response and am not getting one after numerous requests.
    Rita Steinkamp

  • Marshall
    April 7, 2022

    There is no way to actually contact them-all automated-hesitate to do business with them.

    Can’t even ask basic questions

    • Rued Riis
      July 6, 2022

      Hi Marshall,
      I hear you, and it’s a natural consequence of growing big, and having success. Customer support has to be automized in some way. I still hope you were able to get the help you needed.

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