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American Tall Discount Codes (that work!)

American Tall is a clothing brand for tall that uses discount codes heavily in their marketing efforts. From temporary sales to ongoing coupons, their codes are made to offer tall clothing at an affordable price.

The best way to get discount codes for American Tall is to sign up for their newsletter. Every time a new sale is launched, you get an email with the campaign link and a fresh coupon.

Examples are “20% off athletic” using HOMEGYM, “30% off chinos and tees” using TEENOS and “40% off most popular styles” using LASTCHANCE.

As these campaigns change all the time and are temporary, it’s hard to find those evergreen coupons that’ll last longer and discount your entire purchase.

American Tall has offered Tallsome-readers a 10% discount code that is perpetually valid: TALLSOME10.

Welcome Coupon in the Newsletter

When you sign up for the American Tall newsletter, you get a coupon for 15% off your first order. This is in order for you to find the right fit—with a decreased risk in terms of the money, you have to lay down the first time.

american tall discount code

Go to the website, wait for a little (or pretend you are on your way out), and this small pop-up window appears.

After you’ve put in your email address, you’ll receive the first mail from American Tall that you should be able to find in your inbox immediately.

Note that by signing up for the newsletter, you not only get this first coupon code, but you’ve agreed to receive the newsletter from this day onwards.

If you’d like to stop receiving the newsletter, there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email you receive from them.

The coupon your receive in the first welcome-mail is only valid for your first order. This means that you can’t use it again if you come to like American Tall.

But don’t worry—once you’ve signed up for the newsletter, you are going to receive all future product updates, campaigns and coupon codes in your inbox.

3 Types of Campaign Coupon Codes

When you subscribe to American Tall’s newsletter, you will get a heads up whenever there’s a new sale coming up.

You get an email with pictures and links to the items on sale—along with a coupon code for you to use at checkout.

Remember that the campaign-specific coupon code is only valid for a limited period of time and for the clothing included in the campaign.

The savings range from 20-70% off regular prices and can include as little as on category of clothing (e.g. sweatpants) up to a wide array of products (e.g. most popular items).

If you’d like a coupon code that’s valid throughout the year and applies to all categories of clothing, use TALLSOME10 at checkout to save 10%.

To give you an example of the types of campaigns American Tall run, here are 3 examples:

Loyalty Coupons

For new customers and returning customers, American Tall offer certain coupons that show their appreciation for the loyalty of their customers.

These coupons include:

  • First-order coupons
  • Next-offer coupons
  • Birthday coupons

The “next offer” coupons are something you’ll receive in the actual package with your clothing, or on an email after a few days.

This is going to be a short coupon you can use for the next purchase you make if you grow fond of the American Tall brand.

I’ve also seen some coupons that are made for referral use—where you recommend American Tall to a friend of yours, who can use the coupon.

The benefit is that your friend will get a discount on his or her next offer. Although, this might amount to the same saving as when signing up for the newsletter.

Category Coupons

Coupons that discount entire categories of clothes are sent out with the newsletter, primarily. Sometimes, the codes are also shared on social media on their Facebook page, Instagram, or similar.

The occasion is often the introduction of a new range of clothing or an addition to an existing one.

An example is the “15% off comfort collection”, where a number of items have been put together to a collection of comfortable pieces—probably in the light of lockdown/stay-at-home life.

Items included could be hoodies, joggers, and sweaters for both men and women that are now discounted in order to increase the quantity sold.

Another Category coupon could be the “Happy Holiday Sale” where American Tall offered 30% off a number of items related to Christmas.

The items included in the “Comfort collection” and the “Happy Holiday” may very well be the same.

A third and classic way to do category sales is “Jeans and Chinos 25% off” with a coupon code like JEANO25.

This campaign only features this particular category of clothes—in this case, jeans and chinos.

Sales Coupons

The basic sales campaigns are just discount codes that apply to all items that are either from last year or aren’t selling very well.

It’s often an effort to clear out space to make room for new lines in production.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with the clothing. If you like a sweatshirt from last year’s collection and it’s now at a 70% discount, I encourage you to get it.

Even though a new style is around the corner, it doesn’t mean that you should sit and wait for that one—just because it’s newer or more modern.

Another type of sales coupon is e.g. Black Friday discounts. Here, you’ll get a discount code like CYBER, CMFLASH, or BLACKFRIDAY.

(Yes, sometimes you can almost guess the coupon code, but it’s probably easier to just sign up for their newsletter.)

The Coupon Strategy

The overall strategy of American Tall is one of campaigns, sales, and discounts. It’s part of their strategy, and therefore it’s a returning dynamic throughout their online efforts.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye out for the next upcoming sale. Chances are, you’ll find a discount code for that particular item you are after.

On the flip, this might dilute the full prices, as customers won’t like to purchase at full price—if they know a sales campaign is around the corner.

American Tall must have taken this into consideration and decided that their discount code strategy results in an overall better result than sticking to fixed prices.

Bonus Trick for Always Active Coupons

Apart from using TALLSOME10 to always get 10% off anything (store-wide, year-round), there is another clever way to always stay on top of the coupon code.

(No, not newsletter sign-up. I know I mentioned it a couple of times, but this is almost as good.)

The trick is to use coupon services (not sites, dislike those..) to find active coupons for pretty much any site and brand you like.

Check out a site like Knoji – then scroll to the bottom of the site that features reviews, payment options, and descriptions of American Tall.

At the bottom, you’ll find a list of active coupons that Knoji has scanned and marked as ‘working’.

I just tried to apply one of them, and it worked!

So Knoji seems like a more legit coupon site than many others that list codes that don’t work anymore.

Super annoying to go back and forth between dodgy sites and the checkout page. Until you find a code that works a little.

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