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American Tall: 6 Quick Questions on Why They’re the Best Tall Brand

Today’s talk is with American Tall. I like to talk to tall brands to figure out, how they see themselves in relation to other brands that cater for tall people like myself. I got to talk to Jake from American Tall, who told me a bit about the inner outer workings of their newly established tall brand.



Tallsome: A bit of basics; what is your name, what are you doing and how tall are you?

Jake American Tall

Jake: My name is Jake Rajsky. I live in Toronto Canada and I am the director of Brand Experience for American Tall. I look after our social media, our user experience and I assist with our marketing department.


American Tall Banner


Tallsome: What makes your brand different than other Tall brands? 


Jake American TallJake: American Tall was founded by my father after he spent 35 years manufacturing clothing in North America, Europe and Asia.

For 10 years he supplied the largest Big and Tall retail chains with over 1,000,000 garments per year and he learned that they only wanted to focus on the Big part of that market, not the Tall.

With his 35 years of clothing manufacturing experience he was able to utilize the relationships built up over his entire career to design a great line and produce it in the best factories in Asia and Europe.

By working with a wide range of slim men from about 6’3-7’1” and taking countless measurements, asking endless questions and observing what they liked and didn’t like, we were able to bring to market a line that fits really well, is on trend, high quality, reasonably priced and looks fantastic.

Read more: American Tall visited me in Copenhagen


American Tall will continue to add styles to our line like outerwear, casual shirts, gym apparel, accessories and eventually shoes. We are not an aggregator of styles, we are the design house. Our experience allows us to fully explore the entire spectrum of fashion for tall men so we are not limited to offering only what individual companies choose to offer.

I think this really sets us apart from other Tall brands.


Tallsome: How has the response been from your tall customers – what do they like the most about your brand?


Jake American TallJake: The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s amazing to hear “Thank you for doing this!” when WE are thanking THEM for supporting us. I suppose the one thing our customers like most about our brand is the fit.

Our sleeves are long enough to satisfy everybody and our inseams currently go up to 38” with 40” available in the near future. We sized our line to fit an average body from Medium to XXLarge with additional length where required to fit either Tall men or Extra Tall men so most of our customers are finding our products fit really well.

We do not offer a “skinny” fit but we have a contemporary fit which compliments the slim body while still allowing a man with an average build to wear our clothes comfortably.

Tallsome's Tall Shops for Men


Tallsome: What are your plans for future work, collections, projects?


Jake American TallJake: As I mentioned, we are extending our range of sizes to accommodate even more men over 7’ tall. We have a beautiful Pinpoint Oxford shirt coming in June and are currently developing some Chinos, casual shirts and number of accessories. We are also going to add outerwear soon.


Tallsome: What do you think is the biggest mistake/misconception that tall brands make/have today?


Jake American TallJake: I’d rather talk about what we are doing. We are a lifestyle brand of clothing designed specifically for Tall men. Everything we do revolves around that concept. We are a design house that manufactures our own designs according to our very specific needs and we do not have to accept any compromises or demands made by regular size brands who make the occasional Tall piece.

If we believe a style is right for our customers we can and will make it, exactly as we envision it. We can solicit input from our market and if we see demand for any style, we can manufacture it. We have such a wealth of experience in apparel manufacturing and the ability to make any style we wish, so if we choose a color or stitch detail we simply produce it.

We don’t have to convince a regular size brand to do a Tall version of their style for us. I think this is probably the most important aspect of our brand, the freedom to follow fashion wherever it takes us and bring those styles to our market.


Tallsome: How is it with you and and logistics – how much for shipping, where do you ship to and how about returns if something doesn’t fit?


Jake American TallJake: We offer free shipping throughout North America. We have a flat rate for Europe of $20. We are working on rates to Australia and Asia and will introduce those prices shortly. Our returns are easy to do, simply email us for an authorization number, fill out the return slip on the back of your receipt and ship back to us.

We don’t question the return and only hope that our customers will tell us what they were not happy with so that we can improve. We refund the entire purchase price. “

American Tall Banner

Thanks a lot, Jake. I wish all the best for American Tall in the future 🙂


American Tall came to Copenhagen to visit Tallsome

Jake who’s interviewed in this article actually came to visit me in Copenhagen. He brought a camera and shot a cool video about what life is like where I live, and a quick talk about being tall.



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  • Marshall
    March 18, 2022

    There is no real way of contacting them-to ask questions-not even email.
    Too bad-I am interested in what they ae offering-but having no way to really conatct them other than the computerized “helper” doesn’t fill me with confidence.

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