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5 tips on wearing black as tall

Wearing black clothing can be stylish and an easy solution – and it looks really good on tall people.



t’s Tuesday and that means a new post here on Tallsome. Today, I am gonna share my insights on wearing black clothes as a tall person. I’ve learned to love wearing black lately because I think it can look really stylish and at the same time, it’s really simple and easy to compose your outfit.


Wearing black doesn’t give you away

If you don’t like to stand out so much, black clothing can be a way to relief you of peoples’ attention as black stands less out than lighter and stronger colors.


I’m not saying that because you are tall, you should wear black. You choose for yourself and are welcome to wear all colors of the rainbow. But in this post, I’d like to give some tips on how to dress better if black is your thing.



 Mix fabrics and textures

The most important thing when wearing black is mixing fabrics and textures. It’s a good idea to look for textured or detailed pieces to mix in with the more smooth and generic things. Otherwise, wearing all black can look like a uniform, and that is probably not what you want.


Black can look like a uniform

Try to avoid the uniform look when wearing black. Although, these uniforms look pretty cool.


An example could be plain black jeans with leather boots and a vertical striped wool sweater. These three components are all black but still vary in look and feel. For some really cool detailed t-shirts, check out Plus2Clothing on our Tall Shops list.



 Go for the right length

I think fit becomes a little easier when you’re going for the black look, and yes – fit is also always an issue when it comes to being tall. So my advice is to go for the right length, when you shop new black clothes. Fit becomes less of an issue if you mix and match black apparel because black is slimming and will therefore look more fitted.


Longline Black Wear

Clicking the image will take you to Asos, where you can buy these things.


That doesn’t mean that you can easily sport the huge Big & Tall stuff in size XXXL because you’re wearing black, but you will probably look really good in some of the XL Longline stuff from Asos, find link in our Tall Shops.



 Spice wearing black up with accessories

Don’t know if it’s your thing, but I like wristbands, necklaces, watches and stuff like that more and more. Man accessories for the modern man anno 2014 are widely accepted so don’t be afraid to go for a little extra around your wrists and neck.

Bracelets Icon BrandNecklaces Icon Brand

These are also some of the few things that aren’t an issue when you’re as tall as me. Pretty much everything fits as well on me as on everybody else, when it comes to accessories.



 Trash when black becomes grey

Know when to say goodbye to your beloved blacks. Especially cotton will face pretty quickly after a couple of times in the washing machine. Phones, wallets and keys in your black jeans will make their mark on the outside of your jeans, and this faded and tattered look isn’t that great.


So take care of black clothes, maybe with some vinegar thrown into the washing machine when you wash new black clothes the first time, or buy something specifically made for washing black.



 “My eyes are up here”

Maybe not a real tip, but wearing black will automatically draw more attention to your face than if you were wearing a red shirt, yellow pants and purple shoes.


So instead of having people starring at your long limbs they’ll probably get to your face quicker and from there, you can start having a real conversation.


Wearing black can remove some attention from your height

Tall Justin by Cyanide & Happiness


Share your own tall styling tips

If you made it this far, we’d love to hear some of your styling tips being tall – please share in the comments below.

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