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5 Guiding Principles that will Lead you to the Best Tall Shop

When you have surpassed 6 feet in height and are generally considered in the taller lot among your folks, then this article is dedicated to finding you some great clothes.

Here’s my personal advice on how to find the best tall shops online with tall people’s clothing

Clothing is an integral part of one’s personality and persona. Because it makes or breaks our impression on people and largely affects our self-confidence. You must have noticed that when you wear well-fitted clothes, you feel more confident but when your attire goes wrong, you feel awkward and are self-aware most of the time. This usually doesn’t happen with people with normal heights because they can easily find perfect fits in clothes but taller people (like me and you) aren’t as lucky.

When you reach a particular height, it becomes almost impossible to avoid looking lanky when surrounded by shorter people. Moreover, the problem begins when you aren’t able to find the right pair of jeans or that perfect fit for the shirts and shorts. Ill-fitted clothing can make you look twiggy whereas well-fitted and crisp attire would instantly make you look charming and exemplary. However, finding the perfect fit in clothing and shoes is a pretty daunting task because not many can afford to survey each and every web shop for finding good clothes. This is why tall shops are designed.

Check Out Tall Shops

A tall shop is where taller people can get their clothing easily. These are especially designed web shops that only stack tall people’s clothing and make sure that all possible sizes of clothes for tall heights are available so that tall guys could find whatever they need at a single platform. In this regard, it is important to note that not all tall shops can be relied upon and believed to be that perfect one-stop solution to satisfy all your tall-sized clothing demands.

You need to be capable enough to identify which shop should you buy stuff from and which to avoid. This task although seems impossible and difficult, but believe me it isn’t. If you follow these 5 general principles and guidelines then you will surely be able to find the best tall shops. When looking for the perfect tall shop for you, you will have to look for tall people’s clothing that is:


Genuinely fitted for tall people

What you should be looking for is a tall shop that is entirely dedicated to tall people’s clothing instead of offering a specific section to buy big-sized clothes. This is an important part of the plan because you need to get ample variety in all sorts of clothes and this is almost only possible at tall shops that are purely dedicated to satisfying taller consumers.

On the other hand, if the shop isn’t exclusively a tall shop, then you may not be able to find the appropriate color, size and (most importantly) fit that you are primarily looking for. This would make your search very complex and trying. However, if you manage to find a tall shop that doesn’t offer clothes for all sizes or only the Big & Tall kinds of clothing, but mainly for the taller and skinny lot, then bingo, you have achieved what you wanted.

One thing, however, that you need to keep in mind is that the clothing offered at your chosen tall shop must offer genuine fits for tall people and not just over-sized clothes. For tall people, there are a number of sizes available to suit all body types but some vendors try to sell loose fits to tall people claiming that this is a good option for us. This is totally wrong as nowadays there is plentiful variety available in various sizes and for all body-types, which you need to identify while searching the best tall shop.Check Out Tall Shops


Well-designed tall clothing

You must never settle with poor design at any occasion. You are tall, so what, it’s your right to get the perfect fit so that your body could appear stylish and attractive. Loose and baggy clothing isn’t for you and you have got to remember this. There is a growing number of manufacturers and designers creating especial designs and fits for tall people so that their clothes could complement their tall height and good physique.

Even if you are tall and thin, there are certain styles and cuts that would suit you the most. Designing for tall people is not that easy at all; it isn’t about getting loosely fit clothing either, it is about accentuating the brighter aspects of your physique including the height instead of undermining it or underwhelming it only because of the unavailability of appropriate size. So scroll for the tall shops where all sorts of designs and cuts can be bought and the tall people’s clothing appears inspiring and worth-buying. Don’t go for ugly looking clothes but keep searching until you find that perfect web shop where you could get great designs and styles of your particular liking.Check Out Tall Shops


Size charts for your measurements

Now this is extremely important part of the search for the best of the best tall shops. Getting clothes for tall body shapes, as mentioned above, is your main agenda but you can only achieve this remarkable feat if the tall shop offers size charts for your measurements.  You need to measure your body first prior to comparing it to the measurements offered at the tall shop.

Most tall shops provide just adequate information about the sizes but many do offer detailed information, and you need to find that particular tall shop. Remember that the clothing size differs with every brand and there isn’t any specific size chart that can be applied to all brands. One brand’s jeans inseam will be different than the other – here’s how to measure your inseam. So if you have found a brand’s Medium size better fitted for your body then it isn’t necessary that the other’s Medium will fit you too, so be aware of your own measurements. 

If a particular tall shop doesn’t offer size charts at all then you can skip that one or jump down to point 5 – checking their return policy. Get out the measuring tape and create your own chart to compare with each tall shops measurements.Check Out Tall Shops


The price is right

Let’s firstly admit the fact that tall people’s clothing does cost a bit more than casual clothes because

  1. it requires a bit more fabric and effort,
  2. it isn’t mainstream variety and is usually separately designed and distributed and
  3. it isn’t created in larger quantities as is the case in regular sizes.

Moreover, immense care and research is involved in designing clothes and determining cuts and styles for taller lot. Not every style and cut of the clothing would suit a tall person, which is why clothing for tall people is on the costlier side.

However, this doesn’t mean that these are so expensive that you cannot afford at all but some vendors do offer large size clothes for tall people at unbelievably high rates mainly because they know that these sorts of clothes are not as commonly found – a simple example of what limited supply does to pricing. You must not let them exploit this fact because you can easily find affordable clothing for all heights and body types within your budget if only you search carefully – check out Hanes, Asos and H&M for cheap tall clothing.

If you firstly try a few outfits and check out the quality offered by various tall shops then you might be able to find out which of the shops are asking the better rate for good quality. Do not, in any given scenario, settle for low rate over quality because you will repent later on. Instead, go for the quality if you have to buy 1 shirt only in place of two. Buy less but quality fabric so that it could last longer.

The same rule can be applied on the fitting. Do not buy ill-fitted clothes just because you can get more items for lesser price. Buy the clothing that helps you create an impression upon others and this can be possible only if you don’t think about the price but the quality and fitting of the clothes. It’s a balance really, which I’m sure you master.

My own advice is to pay a bit more for quality, but not to fall in the trap of surrendering to the high-high end of tall people’s clothing. But as always, these parameters depend on what you are looking for, my tall friend.Check Out Tall Shops


Reasonable shipping and return policy

Usually people don’t pay attention to the shipping and return policies at all and tend to just click on check out and confirm order. This is a risky approach because you cannot rely upon tall shops having the perfect return policy, when it comes to buying tall people’s clothing.

It is true that most web shops offer user-friendly and genuinely helpful shipping and return policies but it would be quite wise of you to wait for two minutes prior to placing an order and go through the policies and terms & conditions page.

You may never know if the clothes you ordered would fit you or not and this is why you must be aware about the site’s return policy. Moreover, take notice what sort of shipping related privileges are you being offered at various shops.

Some tall shops offer free shipping after you have crossed a certain amount while some offer discounted rates for the region you reside in. There are all sorts of possibilities and it is important to check their instructions and conditions thoroughly. In this way, you will be able to try out different tall shops and their clothing for tall – without worrying about whether you can send it back if it doesn’t fit you after all.


These were my 5 Guiding Principles that will Lead you to the Best Tall Shop. I hope you find your new favorite tall shop with tall people’s clothing by keeping fitting, design, measurements, price and return policies in mind.

Be sure to check out my favorite tall shops – a treasure chest of awesome tall shops catering especially for tall people.

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