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3 Great Tall Tees for Tall Men

I love tall tees..

T-shirts for tall people, where the torso is much longer than on normal t-shirts. These longer tees come in many shapes and sizes, and I would like to give you my honest opinion on 3 of my favorites – taken from the entire list of tall men’s clothing.

I like to wear black, so that’s the color they’re all in. The three tall tees are from the following three companies:






I will now write some pros and cons on each of them – considering fit, quality, length and price.


Drop Tail Tall Tee from Plus2Clothing

This tall tee is very well-designed in my opinion. It has that little extra to it that I often times miss when looking for t-shirts for tall guys like me. They tend to be rather boring and designless, if that’s even a word.


Tall Tee from Plus2Clothing 3


This one from Plus2Clothing has a dropped tail, which means that the torso is rounded and extended on the back. In the sides there are golden zippers for the looks, but they also work. I haven’t used them much though.

Tall Tee from Plus2Clothing 2


This tall tee is in XL, which used to be the size I’d always go for. Now I’ve gotten a little bigger and XXL is now my size. Hence, this t-shirt is too small for me now – not only because of my increase in size, but also because it shrinks when washed.


Tall Tee from Plus2Clothing

This has to taken into consideration when ordering. Maybe order a tall tee that is one size larger than you normally would wear. It’s a general thing with cotton, but this tall tee has shrunk so much that I don’t wear it anymore – it’s too tight.



Super nice design with great detailing and fit (to start off with). If you live ‘down under’, shipping is free.



Shrinks a lot and loses color. Plus2Clothing is located in Australia, which should also be taken into consideration, as shipping tends to become quite expensive, if you’re not from around there.


Asos Super Longline t-shirt

Asos is 1000 times bigger than Plus2Clothing and they can compete on price big time. Therefore, they offer their tall tees at a really good price, and I must say that they are worth every cent.


Tall Tee from Asos 2


It is super plain – no detailing at all. It is simply a t-shirt with extra torso lenght so tall men and others with a tall style can feel good in a t-shirt. I know I do – it really is a great basic tall tee.


Tall Tee from Asos 3


The fabric is a little thin and the cotton is mixed with something synthetic. This is actually a very good thing, as these tall tees shrink less when washed.


Tall Tee from Asos


The tall tee from Asos’ Super Longline series is a little tight around my arms. The short sleeves are in contact all the around, but the fabric has a soft stretch, so it’s not annoying.


I’m really a huge fan of Asos and their Super Longline clothing line, and this piece is not letting me down either.


Check out all my favorite Tall Shops



It’s a cheap tall tee with a good fit and quite some extra length in the torso. It is the longest tall tee, I have so far.



The fabric is thin and the quality is medium to low all around. The stitching doesn’t go a long way, but at such a low price, it can be replaced when the time comes.


Hanes Beefy Tall Tee

This tall tee was the first one I ever had, so this part may be biased a little. Biased because of my excitement about having a t-shirt that actually fits my body.


Hanes Beefy Tall Tee


It’s only about $5 and by far the cheapest tall tee I have tried. It’s an American brand, so I payed many times the price of the t-shirts in shipping, but it was worth it.


The Hanes Beefy Tall Tee is made of a thick material. The cotton fabric seems very sturdy, and my Beefy Tall Tee still lives till this day. Even though it’s been a couple of years, since I got it at the post office.


One thing that isn’t so great about Hanes Beefy Tall Tee’s is that the color fades. That’s normal for cotton with nothing mixed in, and after being washed 10-15 times, my black tall tee from Hanes has a grey finish to it.



Extremely cheap if your from the US. A tall tee of high quality considering the fabric, the fit and the life span.



This tall tee loses color over time. So you probably want to replace it. I should have a long time ago..




Asos Super Longline Tall Tee

Tall Tee from Asos


This is one great tall tee at a good price, great fit and lots of extra length. It’s just a plain t-shirt with nothing special added, which is great as a basic piece to wear with other stuff. Maybe from the Super Longline clothing line?


The fabric is a mixed kind, so the dark and clean color sticks. I can really recommend taking a look at this particular tall tee and the rest of the clothes Asos offer for tall people in their Longline and Super Longline series.


If you want to check out more clothing like this, then head over to the complete list of tall men’s clothing.


Thank you for reading along and let me know if you have found and even greater tall tee than the ones, I have review in this post. 


5 Responses
  • Craig Turner
    October 9, 2018

    I live in the US, and I’m 6’9″ tall, weigh 240 lbs. I live in MN and I cannot find these tall Hanes you talk about. The extra-tall clothing is almost nonexistent for common people and certainly not at the price you mentioned.

  • Vivian
    May 14, 2019

    Hi tall people!

    My husband is tall and beefy and needs somewhat larger and longer clothing.
    Pro5 and ProClub make REAL tall tees, and they don’t look gay like these. They are also cheap.

  • Quinn
    October 2, 2019

    Sounds like a perfect fit for SixFootSlim! Check out our site for 15% OFF and exclusive pre launch continent!

    • Rued
      October 23, 2019

      Hey Quinn,
      Will do – thanks for the tip.

  • Barbara
    July 20, 2020

    Six8 Clothing used to sell extra tall slim. Snohomish, WA

    TallSlimTee in St George, Utah has many long slim extra tall

    American Tall from somewhere in NY seems to be dominant in the extra tall market.

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